Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Kathak Yog Workshop/Choreo - 2023

To Register: Mention Workshop Name / code and drop an email at patrali2020@gmail.com

Kathak Yog Kids

Learn the basics with lots of fun - 

Kids get addicted to the beautiful kavitts and bandishes done in class

Mindful Kathak

Train and Tune your Body and Mind to Kathak

Introduction to Lay and Taal -

Tatkar and Padhant

Create your own choreo as a team - 

Build your own concept

Blend into timeless musical masterpieces

Kathak Yog - Intermediate Batch

Learn the classics - Jaipur Gharana

Cryptic Laykari, Bandish, and Padhant

Enjoy and create in a state of perfect "flow" in every hour of practice 

Time flies in our class :)